Let go of… letting go

Let go of this, let go of that... How wonderful would it be to really be able to that. I personally come across this advice quite often, and I practice, and practice, and practice. I must admit: number ten here is my favourite, and even that one takes practice. But it has a magic twist.... Continue Reading →

The Encounter

At the end of August I granted myself a short retreat by the seaside, a five day stay away from everything and everyone, just Me-Time. I had been looking forward to it, as I usually deeply benefit from Me-Time. And I had a surprisingly hard time to get to the point where I could enjoy it.... Continue Reading →

Connecting with your BFF

When coaching someone who is amidst of a puzzling situation, not really knowing what to do, I often suggest an approach that can be really clarifying: Imagine what advice your Best Friend would give you... It is kind of a dissociative technique, I admit. Instead of wrestling with all aspects of the situation from within,... Continue Reading →

The Pearl

Yesterday I had a real nice conversation with my brother. He mentioned an interview he was listening to, driving his car back from a walk by the seaside. The interviewee, a local artist, explained how everyone has a Pearl inside, and to discover this Pearl and bring it to the world is the single most... Continue Reading →

Healing the ‘love’ that hurts

Some people have been hurt so deeply That the way they show love is seriously influenced by hurting. They hurt the ones they love. The deeper their love, The deeper the hurt will be. They usually call it fear or self-protection. It is. It is a prison with bars of pain and hurt and a... Continue Reading →

The prisoner – short story

OW R8N I woke up this morning. It was dark. So I yelled. Not loud, but inside. Inside I yelled. "I'm in the dark here!!" I heard someone knocking on my door. "So that's it," I thought, "I'm in the dark, and going crazy!! Help!" Knocking again. "Who's knocking?" I asked. Not out loud, on... Continue Reading →

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