Let go of… letting go

Let go of this, let go of that… How wonderful would it be to really be able to that. I personally come across this advice quite often, and I practice, and practice, and practice.

I must admit: number ten here is my favourite, and even that one takes practice. But it has a magic twist.

Let’s imagine there is a cup on the table, and a friend gives you this golden advice: Let go of the cup! You may try as hard as you want to, you won’t be able to let go of the cup. Unless…? Unless you grab it first! You can only let go of something or someone you hold on to in the first place. Correct?

Hence, if you truly want to “let go” of something or someone in your life, your first challenge is to really take it into your hands, into your hearts, and accept to the fullest that you hold on to it, that it’s part of you, in some unexpected way, it belongs to you.

Acknowledging and accepting that you do compare, compete, judge, blame, that you do feel anger, fear, guilt, regrets, and worry, this is the very first step. It is a hard one, isn’t it? For me it is, at least… When these thoughts and feelings arise within me, I try hard to ignore them, make excuses, or push them under the rug of a clean and neat ego that I project to myself and the world. And then let go of what I didn’t even embrace in the first place, which simply does not work.

These thoughts and feelings are just as much visitors of me on the inside as my nice and socially welcomed feelings are, the ones I feel comfortable with. These feelings and thought I like to force to come over, and stay as long as I would like them to stay. Yet by treating the “good” ones differently than the “bad” ones, I give up on any chance of truly transforming what I experience.

Therefore, I changed my practice of letting go. I changed that poster, and replaced ‘let go of’ by ’embrace’… And now I’m getting somewhere.

For every single thought and feeling has the quality of being temporary. By embracing each one of them, along with those ‘good’ and ‘bad’ labels that I provide them with, embracing the very fact I label them, empowers them to move naturally. The effort I have to put, is towards embracing. Once I’ve learned what they come to teach me, they leave, effortlessly.

The letting go part is not something I do, but something that unfolds out of truly embracing. Leaving me fresh, new, and open to every new experience that wanders into my life.

Try it, if you like. And keep me posted on how it works for you ;)…


Marie Hélène

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