The Pearl

Yesterday I had a real nice conversation with my brother. He mentioned an interview he was listening to, driving his car back from a walk by the seaside. The interviewee, a local artist, explained how everyone has a Pearl inside, and to discover this Pearl and bring it to the world is the single most important thing we do in life.

It had puzzled my brother, to be honest, it had moved him to tears. For what is that Pearl, how do you discover it, how can you live a life that fully honours the Pearl you are the keeper of?

I don’t know. Me for myself, I really don’t know. It’s not like I have a special gift, like something artistic, or otherwise. It’s not like I can identify in my talents something that is really special, at least to myself. So do I have a Pearl? And have I then forgotten to look for it, to look after it? Have I spent 45 years living besides my true calling in life, just because I am not aware of what the Pearl might be?

I asked myself: how can I discover the Pearl? By unravelling the mysteries of who I am, by diving deep inside myself like a Pearl Diver dives for oysters and brings back the Pearl. It takes courage, it takes honesty.

The fact is, I have been diving for myself through every single day. When I dive that deep, unravel all the things that I have brought to myself on my journey on earth, things that are not truly me, when I uncover myself from all the mistakes, the lessons learned, the joys and pains of life, I do not find something inside me, something I could call a Pearl.

I just find me. So I do not have a Pearl?

Or maybe, just maybe, I am the Pearl. Me as a person, taking care of myself, polishing my soul to be as pure as can be, with my courage and honesty, turns me into a Pearl.

Then the Pearl is not so much what I do and bring to the world, but how I do it, and why. Regardless of my job and occupations.

To be the purest, most powerful version of me, is bringing the Pearl I am to the world… It brings a mirror to the world, in which others can see their own reflection.

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