Healing the ‘love’ that hurts

Some people have been hurt so deeply

That the way they show love is seriously influenced by hurting.

They hurt the ones they love. The deeper their love,

The deeper the hurt will be.

They usually call it fear or self-protection.

It is. It is a prison with bars of pain and hurt

and a lonely heart inside.

Such people do not believe they are worthy

of the warm and blissful feeling

the true robes of love

Instead they believe love hurts

and that is what they live: a love that hurts.

If such a person loves you

you can measure the depth of his/her love

by the depth of the wounds they cause you.

They even unconsciously measure their own love for you

by the depth of your wounds.

If you stay in such a toxic relationship

chances are you have a similar ‘Love hurts’ pattern.

The healing medicine is right there.

It is love itself.

Try holding the love in the clear water of your soul

like it were a baby Buddha.

Let the water wash off all the bloody garbage

of wounds and hurts

until deep rest replaces the fear in your heart.

Then see.

See the wounds and the hurts of your heart,

in the hearts of your loved ones.

See how these came from fear.

And heal your heart with the medicine of love.

Start with your own heart, becoming someone you like to be around.

Make sure your heart is clear of as much hurt and pain as you can see

before you reach out for your loved ones.

You don’t want to hurt them anymore, remember…

The more warm and blissful love you give yourself

the more you are likely to like your own company.

Thus healing yourself is the first step in healing your relationships.

Buddha said: 10649621_575770622554943_1489999843052897427_n

It is not an easy task. To my knowlegde, no task Buddha gave us was ever easy.

Nevertheless, each one of them is worth a lifetime of effort.

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