Little candles

When I coach people, I rely on my intuition, walking through what someone is telling me. My objective is to light a little candle on their path.

The funny thing is, often by doing so I come across an idea that I wish to further spread, because it is useful not only to that specific person, but probably to many others. At the very least, an idea I come across in a session often opens my own eyes for a reality in my own life, on my own path.

Lighting a little candle for one person is a beautiful experience. Allowing that candle to light the paths of many others is my dream. So that is basically what I do: light candles, sprankle light around.

I hope some of those candles shed light on your path too. I truely hope the candles I light make something happen for you. And I expect the insights I share awaken ideas and insights for you. I would be most grateful for you to share your comments to any of my blog posts, or in general. In the hope we meet live one day.

The light some more candles :).

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