Overcoming inertia

Trapped in inertia ? Consider this…

Inertia = not choosing

Not choosing something = choosing not something

Where you put the ‘not’, makes no difference

What is the effect of not choosing ? Take some examples…

Not choosing to get up = choosing not to get up

Not choosing to live = choosing not to live

Not choosing to nurture love = choosing not to nurture love

Not choosing to overcome intertia = choosing not to overcome inertia

Or… you can choose to look into it and take a chance at overcoming intertia!

When you do not choose, you think you keep all options open

But in fact you send a message of choosing not

The ‘not’ is there, and pulls you down

The ‘not’ is negative energy

Not choosing = choosing not

You might think inertia is where you do not choose

But if a choice is there to be made

Even not making that choice is already a choice

And again : it is always a negative one

You might think inertia temporarily keeps you

Off the hook of making choices

That is an illusion

Because life keeps moving

Inertia is the unspoken choice of not moving along

The constant movement of life

Is pure agape

Pure love

Pure sexual enery

Inviting you over

Every single second

To step into the movement

Feel like you are watching that movement from the outside ? Right ?

That is what inertia is about…

There is only one way in :

Make a positive choice

Say yes to something, anything

Choose the one thing you have the guts to say yes to

And say yes

What you say yes too, does not matter

You can choose anything the stream of life brings at your doorstep


And say yes to it

That single yes sends a message

It puts you back in the stream of life

The stream of love

Of pure agape

Back into the sexual life energy

Like diamonds on a string

You can start to collect yesses

Small yesses Big yesses

It is a path where you will make mistakes

Fear of mistakes keeping you in inertia ?

Well, remember :

Choosing not to make mistakes = Not choosing to make mistakes

If you want to choose to make no mistakes

It equals not choosing to make mistakes

And you are out of life, watching it from the outside,


Stepping into the stream of life

Basically means choosing to make mistakes

All the mistakes you haven’t made yet

Are waiting for you

They  are the seeds

Of blooming roses

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